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Jeddii Xvi, a Music4Malawi participant, the visionary artist hailing from Area 21 Chilinde, mesmerized the world with his latest masterpiece – “The Godly Art Mixtape.” Released on November 24, 2023, this musical is a captivating fusion of emotion, lyricism, and masterful production that showcases the evolution of Jeddii Xvi as an artist.

The Godly Art Mixtape unveils a carefully curated track list: 

  • “The Beach Intro” – A captivating introduction that sets the tone for the entire mixtape. 
  • “Whose Them?” – A track accompanied by a visually stunning video, released on May 27, 2023. 
  • “Believe” – The fourth track, promising a deep dive into themes of faith and conviction. 
  • “Everytime” – Previously released as a single, this track is a testament to Jeddii Xvi’s ability to create infectious beats. 
  • “Losing Out of Control” – The sixth track, likely to explore the complexities of navigating life’s twists and turns. 
  • “The Goat” – The seventh and final track, promising a powerful conclusion to this musical odyssey. 

Jeddii Xvi’s storytelling prowess takes center stage in these tracks, with themes ranging from self-discovery and love to the raw, unfiltered essence of the human experience. The artist’s distinctive style and unique lyrical approach shine through in every composition, creating a sonic experience that transcends the ordinary. 

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