The “Kaphiri Kakwathu Band” is a dynamic team consisting of content creators, guitarists, rappers, and guitarists. They are known for their strong work ethic and their ability to collaborate effectively on team projects. Their explorative nature drives them to constantly seek new creative avenues and push boundaries in their respective fields.


Name: Thandizo Sabawo 

Age: 20 

Occupation: Marketer 

Education: Currently studying at Malawi School of Government (MSG), formerly known as MiM

Motivation: I feel inspired and motivated that we can achieve a certain goal about the project, especially being with my team. 

Name: Harris Phiri 

Age: 22 

Occupation: Musician (Rapper, Guitarist, Music Producer, Vocalist) 

Education: Currently studying computer science at University of The People (Online), Studied Music Business (Certified) At Music Crossroads Malawi, Digital Marketing (Certified) at Google Digital Skills 

Motivation: I feel inspired to work with other creatives from this project, which is helping us to connect and share ideas on a deeper level. It enlightens us on how teamwork can really make the dream work. So, I am really motivated that we can achieve our goal on this project working together as a team. 

Name: Promike Kamwendo 

Age: 20 

Occupation: Studying Business Management at Lilongwe Technical College 

Motivation: Teamwork is something it’s the only driver of my talent and career goals. 

Name: Blessings Chitekwere 

Age: 23 

Occupation: Journalist, Content Manager for ReggaeDancehall265, Photo/Videographer 

Motivation: I feel optimistic that the goals of Music4Malawi will have a tremendous impact on me as a music enthusiast. We hope to achieve a lot with my team and deliver according to the expectations of the project. 

Name: Christian Machira (Machi) 

Age: 27

Occupation: Singer, Beat Maker, Guitarist 

Education: Currently in my third year studying Bachelor’s of Commerce in Account at Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) 

Motivation: I’m so excited to be a part of the M4M 2023 cohort as I will learn a lot on how to commercialize my art and develop teamwork skills that will have a huge impact on work experience. 

NAME: Overton Nzima

OCCUPATION: musical producer/artist with a Bachelor’s degree of social work

MOTIVATION: I believe in the transformative power of music and empowerment, through the journey of life I aspire to inspire, heal and connect people from all walks of life using sound and make a positive impact

NAME: Martha Saidi

OCCUPATION: She pursued bachelor of Arts in African musicology. She is a producer and Festival Organizer.

MOTIVATION: I feel inspired and motivated that we can achieve a lot of things in our project through Teamwork and collaboration.

NAME: Edna Chizauni

OCCUPATION: A song writer and a singer

MOTIVATION: I would like to progress further as I am a student at Music Crossroads.

The culmination of these collaborative efforts will be showcased at the prestigious NMN Africa “Battle of the Bands” Show.

Here, the Music4Malawi bands will unveil their creative outputs, presenting a mesmerizing blend of sounds, visuals, and narratives that mirror the nation’s multifaceted cultural identity. The world will witness a harmonious symphony that pays homage to the past while dancing fearlessly into the future.

Read more about the rest of the bands here.

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