We launched the #EmpowerHerMusicSeries!

We were thrilled to host the talented and passionate mentors who will be guiding and inspiring the next generation of female musicians in Malawi at the Kwathu Kowork hub.

Despite Malawi’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant music scene, young girls in the country encounter formidable obstacles when attempting to pursue opportunities within the music industry. Marginalisation, lack of resources, perpetuated by deeply entrenched cultural beliefs and practices, significantly undermines their prospects for success.

Within this landscape, gender disparities persist as a stark reality, reinforcing stereotypes and depriving young girls of equitable access to resources and opportunities. The prevailing cultural narrative often relegates girls to subordinate roles within the music industry, limiting their visibility and potential for advancement.

That’s why empower her music series is here!

“Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort to dismantle entrenched gender norms and create a more inclusive environment for girls to thrive. Initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality, combating gender-based violence, and providing targeted support for aspiring female musicians are critical to breaking down barriers and fostering talent development. By challenging stereotypes, expanding access to education and resources, and amplifying the voices of young girls, Malawi can harness the full potential of its cultural richness and ensure that every aspiring musician has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender.”

– Temwah

The esteemed mentors bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and creativity to the table, making them invaluable assets to this empowering initiative.

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