Kwanu N’kwanu Band is a vibrant group characterized by their strong ambition to achieve excellence. They are enthusiastic, energetic, and highly motivated to excel in their endeavors. Their drive and determination set them apart as they work passionately towards their goals.


Matthews Robert Banda 

A musician, graphics designer, and photographer. Running a small business and a student at Music Crossroads Academy Malawi. The Music 4 Malawi project has helped him connect with different people within the creative industry in Malawi. So far, he’s learned how to use Content Management Systems (WordPress), which is a big move for his career. 

Donald Zane Zimba (ZVNE), 27  

A communications professional and artist. Currently working with the Ministry of Information. Excited about this project because it will enable young creatives to work together and share their art and talent. Believes it will help young artists and other creators to learn more about their work and craft, getting outside their comfort zones.

Eugene Chinunga, 20 

A multi-instrumentalist, producer, and musician. Currently working as a file clerk for Teleo University. The M4M program is excellent, and he learns a lot of skills other than music. It is insightful and mind-opening. 

Chikondi Chalie Saword (Chiko Chalie), 27  

A singer/songwriter. Currently working as a one-to-one support teacher with children that have learning disabilities. Thus far, the Music4Malawi project for Chiko has been nothing short of a great experience. She has really immersed herself with the other creatives and is learning a lot of new and exciting skills through the project. 

Beatus Ble Msamange, 24  

A storyteller practicing in the mediums of Acting, writing, Film-making, Spoken word poetry, and fashion expressions. Currently working with Houston Creatives. So far, this project has been enriching for him. He loves the networks he’s building, the vast knowledge he’s gaining, and the wonderful atmosphere of the project.

Pamela Mwenisungo (Luki24 7), 29  

A rapper, singer, songwriter, actor. A founder of Wind of Royalty, currently working as a creative director for The Festival Institute and a volunteer with abode ministries. The project has been educating and presented a good platform for networking and socializing. A good creative space to learn and grow. #WindOfRoyalty 

Stan Peter Phiri, 29 

A community development practitioner, tailoring and fashion designer, gospel artist, songwriter, pianist, and an upcoming producer. The Music for Malawi project has been his stepping stone for his career in music and other talents. The project has shown him how he can monetize a talent apart from being a hobbyist in a creative way. #WindOfRoyalty 

Makwerani Victorious (Drubass), 20  

A 20-year-old Bass Guitarist from Lilongwe, Area 21. A student at Music Crossroads Academy, Malawi, and also doing a Professional Diploma in Shipping and Logistics at Lilongwe Technical College. Being part of the Music 4 Malawi project has helped her a lot, from mindset change to connections with fellow youths in the creative industry. Learning how to use WordPress CMS to manage and market her content as an artist is being helpful. She aims to empower other girls through her skills. 

Mabuchi Chikuse, 22  

A sound engineer, mixer, and music producer with +4 years’ experience in post-production mixing, live production, digital-based production. Currently working at Mlatho Radio & operating his freelance audio production business called “So Loud Audio.” The project has been very insightful. He feels it will help him manage and market his business much better.

The culmination of these collaborative efforts will be showcased at the prestigious NMN Africa “Battle of the Bands” Show.

Here, the Music4Malawi bands will unveil their creative outputs, presenting a mesmerizing blend of sounds, visuals, and narratives that mirror the nation’s multifaceted cultural identity. The world will witness a harmonious symphony that pays homage to the past while dancing fearlessly into the future.

Read more about the rest of the bands here.

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