Malawi’s Echoes of Resilience Festival | EVENT RECAP

The Malawi’s Echoes of Resilience Festival brought together a fusion of artistry, music, and thought-provoking discussions that resonated deeply with the nation’s creative community. The event, pulsating with talent and inspiration, was a celebration of Malawian art and a testament to the importance of supporting local creatives.

The festival kicked off with the infectious beats of DJ Karibs, setting the tone for a day filled with immersive experiences. Live podcasts, a centerpiece of the event, featured engaging conversations with prominent figures in the creative sphere. M4M Mentors Q Malewezi, Kim of Diamonds, Ekaree Daniella, and M4M Project Officer Linda Mchawi took the stage alongside Mayuyuka Kaunda, from the Ndalama band, in an insightful discussion moderated by Kaunda himself.

The festival further soared with captivating musical performances by T3lvin, Truly Arthur, and Muhalo, enchanting the audience with their lyrical prowess and melodies that echoed the vibrancy of Malawi’s diverse artistic scene.

This event was fully funded by the Sound Connects Fund through Music4Malawi: an initiative under the Kwathu Kollective, operationalized by the Ntha Foundation – a music and creative resource sharing platform, aiming at building capacity of Malawian artists and creatives from and based in Malawi through interactive workshops, content development, and distribution as well as music showcase events. 

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