Kwathu Upgrade Workshop DAY 5: Digital Branding and Non-Fungible Tokens

Day 4 of the Kwathu Upgrade Project Workshop

Facilitated by:

Ms. Vitumbiko Kalua, ICT Specialist at Ntha Foundation

On the topic:

Digital Branding


Mr. Geoffrey Mzumara, ICT Specialist at Ntha Foundation

on the topic:

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Ms. Kalua opened up the session with the question “how do you understand branding?” inquiring the trainees to think and define themselves as a brand. The group went on to discuss the benefits of artists branding themselves and how they can appeal to their specific fanbase and align themselves with people or other brands that serve similar interests. The facilitator also shed light on creating logos for artists, website development, messaging, and search engine optimization in relation to how these can aid create a digital footprint for an artist.

We are thinking globally now and it is imperative that you get your content online because that is your portfolio That’s how people find your work.

Next, we had Mr. Mzumara who discussed with the group what NFTs are and how they can be used by artists and musicians to leverage their income through virtual sales, stating that NFTs are the future of monetizing artistic works.

NFTs are the next step in digital monetization for art and Malawian artists need to get acquainted with it and see it as tool to document their journey. NFTs are a vision of how music and art in general will be consumed in the future.

The session closed with closing remarks from both facilitators.

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