Kwathu Upgrade Workshop DAY 4: Talent Management

Day 5 of the Kwathu Upgrade Project Workshop

facilitated by:

Ms. Tammy Clare Mbendera, The Festival Institute

on the topic

Talent Management

Ms. Mbendera opened a discussion with the participants on the relationship between a manager and the artist. What do you, as an artist, expect from your manager? What value does the manager have to offer you? As an artist, you have to be more than talented for you to be able to be booked and work with other people in the creative space. This, in return, makes your managers’ job easier to find events that are willing to pay you.

Be worth the money you are charging. Work hard to deliver great perfomances

For the talent managers, she presented on what talent management entails. How do you connect your client to the right people and put them in the right spaces? she also went into detail about drawing contracts, promoting the client, and managing the finances of the client especially during events – since a lot of Malawian talent managers also have to double as event managers.

The session was closed with a Q&A session.

Watch the full session here:

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