Kwathu Upgrade Project | Recap

With funding from Music in Africa Foundation and partners (the German Federal ForeignOfficeSiemens Stiftung, and Goeth Institut), through the Music in Africa Live project, NthaFoundation, through the Kwathu Creative & Innovation Centre and the Music4Malawi platform launched the Kwathu Upgrade: Music4Malawi Project

The Music4Malawi workshop started with the topic of Branding and Marketing where the participants learned how to Market their muusic and Brand themselves as Artists in prder to reach their target market/audience.

Watch the full training here:

Or read about it here:

Day 2 of the workshop focused on Copyrighting for the Creative Industry in Malawi with emphasis on what artists can copyright, where they can get it done, how copyrighting affects them (positively and negatively), and why theyshould consider copyrighting their works.

The discussion also touched on how artists can protect their intellectual property and the various ways to go about it.

Watch the full session here:

Or read about it here:

Day 3 of the workshop focused on finding Alternative Revenue for artists and how they can leverage their work, monetize, and expand their brands beyond what they are known for.

Watch the full session here:

Or read about it here:

Day 4 focused on Talent Management specifically the relationship between a manager and the artist. Who the artist should choose and trust to manage them, and what to look for in a good manager.

watch the full session here:

or read about it here:

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