Kwathu Upgrade Workshop Day 1: Branding and Marketing

The Kwathu Upgrade Project commenced today, the 22nd November 2021.

The session was facilitated by:

Mr. Alex Kachepa, Business Development Specialist at Ntha Foundation

on the topic:

Branding and Marketing.

The interactive session lasted for 2 hours and it engaged the Artist and Facilitators in various conversations surrounding product branding and marketing. The info session highlighted some concepts in Marketing and how they can be translated and utilized in the Malawian music industry, the importance of protecting your(self) brand, and how artists and other creatives can position themselves in alignment with their target audience and various stakeholders. 

Think of yourself as a brand/business and market yourself as such. You need to treat your Art like you would any other business product.

The session also focused on helping artists understand the value of using and utilizing social media to promote their art and connect with other artists and creatives in their genre both locally and internationally.

Watch the full session here:

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