Kwathu Upgrade Workshop Day 3: Alternative Revenue for Musicians

Day 3 of the Kwathu Upgrade Project Workshop

Facilitated by:

Ms. Nthangwanika Kondowe, Creative Consultant

on the topic:

Alternative Revenue for Musicians

The third day of the Kwathu Upgrade workshop commenced with a brief discussion of other activities artists can do to make more revenue outside of their music.

The facilitator discussed some of the common revenue streams for musicians and explained why musicians (and artists) need alternative revenue. Music is a business and it should be treated as such, and therefore in order for an artist to have sustainable income that they can (re)invest in their art to grow their business, and have multiple streams of income.

Whatever you think you cannot do because it has never been done before, take the risk. High risk, high reward. Work with what you have available to you and build from there.

Some examples of alternative revenue for artists that were discussed included merchandise development, music distribution, brand partnerships, live performances, and streaming.

In as much as Malawi has not yet caught up with the streaming culture, it is important for artists to have their works published on streaming platforms as well both to attract a new fan base and as a way of persuading their current fan base to adopt the streaming culture.

The participants discussed ways in which they, as young creatives in Malawi, can try to change the streaming culture considering the benefits that streaming has for musicians.

The session was closed with a case study Q and A.

Watch the full session here:

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