Q. Malewezi is an accomplished poet, cultural producer, and activist hailing from Malawi. With numerous  awards under his belt, he has earned recognition both  locally and globally. He pursued performing arts stud ies at the esteemed Liverpool Institute for Performing  Arts and was even granted an honorary doctorate for  his impactful contributions to Malawi’s Creative Arts  sphere. 

Known for his prowess in music production and  songwriting, Q. Malewezi’s influence extends beyond  geographical boundaries. Collaborating with artists  associated with major recording companies in coun tries like the United Kingdom, Korea, Germany, Norway, and South Africa, he has left an indelible mark  on the international music scene. 

Q.’s presence has graced prestigious platforms  worldwide, including the Requiem For Justice Festival  in Mexico, the Lagos International Poetry Festival, the  Harare International Festival of Arts, Poetry Africa,  Afriweka, and South Africa’s Word N Sound Festivals.  He co-founded The Living Room Poetry Club and has  extended mentorship to emerging poets through his  transformative initiative, Project-Project.

A prolific writer, Q. Malewezi has authored two poign ant poetry collections, “The Road Taken” (2011) and  “Little Discoveries” (2017). Additionally, he has re leased two compelling spoken word albums, “People”  (2015) and “Son of a Preacher’s Son” (2023), show casing his versatility as an artist. 

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What to Expect from Our Mentors:

  • Artistic Guidance: Our mentors will work closely with participants, offering constructive feedback and artistic direction to help them refine their musical craft.
  • Sharing Experiences: Drawing from their own journeys in the music industry, our mentors will share their successes, challenges, and invaluable life lessons, providing a roadmap for participants.
  • Technical Expertise: From sound engineering to stage presence, our mentors will impart technical knowledge and skills to elevate participants’ performances and recordings.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative projects will be a core part of our mentorship program, encouraging participants to explore new musical horizons and learn from their peers.
  • Inspiration: Our mentors are not just guides; they are a wellspring of inspiration. They will ignite participants’ creative sparks and encourage them to push the boundaries of their musical expression.

Work With Us

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