Meet the Mentors | 2023 COHORT

We are thrilled to announce the passionate and accomplished mentors who will be guiding the participants of our 2023 Music4Malawi cohort. These mentors bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and wisdom to the table, ready to inspire and empower the next generation of Malawian musical talent.

Meet Our 2023 Cohort Mentors


Q. Malewezi is an accomplished poet, cultural produc er, and activist hailing from Malawi. With numerous  awards under his belt, he has earned recognition both  locally and globally. He pursued performing arts stud ies at the esteemed Liverpool Institute for Performing  Arts and was even granted an honorary doctorate for  his impactful contributions to Malawi’s Creative Arts  sphere. 

Read more about Q, and his involvement in this project:


Priscilla Kayira Nsane is a Media personality, Tv Presenter, Tv Producer, Social media influencer, Event host and content creator. She is a three-time UMP award Media Personality winner from 2018 to 2020, Maso award media personality winner for 2022, Zikomo Africa award winner 2022; Tv personality of the year and Social media personality of the year. 

Read more about Priscilla, and her involvement in this project:


Kimberley Kaunda is a Malawian R&B singer-songwriter, A&R consultant & music community builder. She is passionate about artist development & empowering the next gen of young African music talent through one-on-one artist consultations, music education & music business workshops. She is also an MBA for Africa 2022 Top 10 Alumna. 

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Ekaree Daniella Chaweza, a 27-year-old Malawian entrepreneur, is making a remarkable impact in the fashion industry. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya, she combines her creative talents and business acumen to create a lasting impression.

Read more about Ekaree, and her involvement in this project:



Temwa Gondwe, known as Temwah in the artistic realm, is a multifaceted talent that embodies the essence of modern society. Born on August 18, 1998, in the vibrant city of Lilongwe, Malawi, she is not just a singer and songwriter but also a devoted Boy Child Activist and actress. Her talent transcends time and genre, blending the old and contemporary with seamless grace.

Read more about Temwah, and her involvement in this project:

What to Expect from Our Mentors

  • Artistic Guidance: Our mentors will work closely with participants, offering constructive feedback and artistic direction to help them refine their musical craft.
  • Sharing Experiences: Drawing from their own journeys in the music industry, our mentors will share their successes, challenges, and invaluable life lessons, providing a roadmap for participants.
  • Technical Expertise: From sound engineering to stage presence, our mentors will impart technical knowledge and skills to elevate participants’ performances and recordings.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative projects will be a core part of our mentorship program, encouraging participants to explore new musical horizons and learn from their peers.
  • Inspiration: Our mentors are not just guides; they are a wellspring of inspiration. They will ignite participants’ creative sparks and encourage them to push the boundaries of their musical expression.

Join us in celebrating the power of mentorship, the magic of music, and the boundless potential of Malawi’s young artists as they embark on this inspiring musical odyssey. Together, we will create harmonies that resonate with the heart and soul of our nation.

Meet the Trainees

Read more about the 2023 Trainees here.

Work With Us

Music4Malawi is an initative by the Ntha Foundation, operationalised through the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre. Want to partner on or fund one of our programmes / initiatives? We are always open to collaborations and partnerships. Contact our Chief Operation Officer; Mr. Victor Caeser Gondwe via, or give us a call(direct or WhatsApp) on +265991850749.

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