SCF Grantees’ Conference | Windhoek, Namibia

Our Ntha Foundation executive team is in this week in Windhoek, Namibia, for a an exciting week of networking, learning, and exchanges with the fellow grantees and the Sound Connects Fund team.

Representing our team are our Managing Director, Rhoda Kamwaza, and our Hub Manager Linda Mchawi. While on our way, we ran into our Legal Advisor, Advocate Alexius Kamangira in the airport as he was on his way from Kenya to Blantyre.

The team are joining several other organisations who were selected for the implementation of the final round of the Sound Connects Fund for a 1-week long grantee conference, training, and networking event, and they are very excited to network with fellow African creative ecosystem builders and innovation enablers.

Our first day of training went well. During the morning session, the various organisations which have received funding did presentations and talked about the projects they are working on.

The organisations participating in this phase of the the sound connects fund grant come from countries such as Zambia, Lesotho, Angola and Namibia, to mention a few. Projects range from producing children literature to documenting rap history. The afternoon sessions involved learning about brand storytelling, and how to fundraise. In brand storytelling, we learnt about the importance of having a why. Why do you do the work that you do, and how do you get people to care about it. In the fundraising session, we tackled the importance of having dedicated personnel on your team whose job is to fundraise for the organisation.

Linda Mchawi, Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre Manager

Interesting tidbits from the sessions:

If your organisation was a mode of transportation, what would it be, and why?
Where would your brand hang out?
Which actor would represent your brand?

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