2023 Maso Awards | WE WILL BE THERE!

The 2023 Maso Awards are happening tomorrow, and the 2023 Music4Malawi Cohort will be there! Come and network with our vibrant community of trainees and groups of the NMN Africa Battle of the Bands winners on the red carpet!

In the spirit of celebrating excellence in the music industry in Malawi, Ntha Foundation is thrilled to announce that it is sponsoring and partnering with the 2023 MASO Awards. Alongside our talented Music4Malawi participants, we eagerly anticipate an evening filled with recognition, inspiration, and valuable networking opportunities. 

The MASO Awards, known for spotlighting outstanding achievements in Malawi’s music scene, present a unique platform for our foundation and its participants to engage with the vibrant music community. We are honored to be part of this celebration, where talents are acknowledged, and the industry’s best gather to share their passion for music. 

Read more about the sponsorshiph here.

Event Details 

TIME/ DURATION 19:00 HRS – 22:00 HRS 
LOCATION Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) 

A highlight of the evening will be the presentation by the winning bands of the NMN Battle of the Bands, offering a glimpse into the incredible progress they’ve made since the awards. This showcase not only exemplifies the talent fostered through such competitions but also provides an invaluable opportunity for our Music4Malawi participants to witness and learn from their peers. 

We are particularly excited about the chance to promote our Music4Malawi participants during the MASO Awards. This platform serves as a spotlight for emerging artists, allowing them to showcase their talent, connect with industry professionals, and potentially secure new opportunities. It is an empowering moment for our participants to gain exposure and recognition and inspiration. 

Beyond this, Ntha Foundation is eager to engage with other brands, including MASO Awards especially as they both aim at putting the Malawian industry on the global map. We recognize the importance of collaboration in advancing the music and general artistic landscape in Malawi and are eager to contribute to and learn from the broader industry. 

Work With Us

Want to partner on or fund one of our programmes / initiatives? We are always open to collaborations and partnerships. Contact our Chief Operation Officer; Mr. Victor Caeser Gondwe via victor@kwathucentre.org, or give us a call(direct or WhatsApp) on +265991850749.

Watch this video to learn more about why the Ntha Foundation was established.

Follow our pages to stay tuned for updates as we share the highlights of this enriching experience at the MASO Awards. To keep up with the work of the Ntha Foundation, our hub the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, our initiatives and our projects, follow us on social media:





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